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Let's Plan Ahead.

"We need better."


Leadership Means Planning Ahead.

The 41st LD and surrounding Districts need better transportation systems.  We need to solve our immediate transit needs, to ease the misery of rush-hour traffic congestion on I-405, I-90, WA-520, WA-167, and local commuter roads like Coal Creek Parkway and Bellevue Way.  Our State Secretary of Transportation, Doug MacDonald, is leading significant progress on this and deserves our support. 

I-405 construction.  I-405 traffic is projected to increase dramatically.We also need to plan ahead for our children's generation, because transportation infrastructure can take decades to finance and build.  Over the next 30 years, I-405 will see the greatest increase in traffic of any highway in the State.  Demand may triple.  Focusing only on next week's commute is not enough.  Fiscally responsible leadership demands a longer-term vision, that helps bring together Federal and State participants, in both government and the private sector.  With the right vision and leadership we can find win-win-win solutions, that not only ease congestion but also: grow the economy, create good jobs, reduce pollution and fossil-fuel dependency, improve our trade balance, and encourage technological innovation.


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