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Murphy wins Primary Election

In a surprisingly strong showing in the Primary Election, political newcomer Dale Murphy won almost 55% of the votes cast in Washington State's uncontested, pick-a-party Primary Election.  He is running for Legislative District 41, Position 1.  Out of the total 20,566 votes cast, Murphy received 11,276 whereas the three-term incumbent Republican (Fred Jarrett) received only 9,920. 

Murphy's support was geographically broadbased.  He received more votes in 134 out of 183 Precincts (73%).  His strong showing is all the more surprising considering that the incumbent received four times as much money in campaign contributions, with over half of it coming from special interest PACs.  (The overwhelming majority of Murphy's funding comes from individuals and Democratic groups.)  Further,  no other Democratic challenger was brave enough to enter the race against Jarrett (though several were approached), and Murphy did not enter until July.  "Voters are sending a message," Murphy said, "that they want change, support for bills that reflect their preferences, and real leadership on the broader issues that are of most concern to them."  The General Election is set for November 7.  It remains to be seen whether Murphy's energetic grass-roots campaign will offset the advantages of incumbency and advertising his opponent will buy.

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