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Dale Murphy - 41st District Democratic Candidate

Real leaders work to promote the common good, not special interests.  Dale believes in economic and individual freedom, progress, tolerance; civil and political liberties; respect for all faiths, separation of church and state, and real security.

Dale Murphy was born and raised on Mercer Island.  He attended public schools here from K-12, and went on to get a PhD from MIT.  Dale has dedicated many years to improving education.  He taught at Harvard and Georgetown Universities, in business education, entrepreneurship, and international relations, before returning home. 

As a business educator, Dale understands that good jobs in Washington stem from a strong education system, a world-class transportation system, and quality affordable health care for all. 

The other 41st Legislative District representatives have endorsed Dale Murphy for this seat -- fellow Democrats Sen. Brian Weinstein and Rep. Judy Clibborn, along with US Congressmen Adam Smith, Jim McDermott, Senator Margarita Prentice, Representatives Bob Hasegawa and Zack Hudgins, former Governor Mike Lowry, the King County Democrats, 41st LD Democrats, YD's, and many others!

Dale will bring new energy, vision and leadership to Olympia, and work every day for your family. 

You can help.  Running for office involves a considerable financial sacrifice in opportunity cost, and costs money.

  • To contribute by check, please mail to: 

    Committee to Elect Dale
    PO Box 833
    Mercer Island, WA 98040

    (The WA Public Disclosure Commission requires that contributors list the name and address of their employer.)

From Dale Murphy - "Thank you for your support."

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